methodology Discover. brainstorm, exchange, involve

"Discovery" is kicked off with a specifically tailored Project Charter that serves as a contract between you and jungle [8]. The Project Charter details the scope of the project, timing, budget, roles and responsibilities, focused on the project itself, not the end result. Armed with dry-erase markers and a whiteboard, we address specifics designed to uncover your brands optimal marketing strategies. We begin the Discovery meeting exploring the blue sky scenarios, birthing concepts, creative mind play, and intuitive exploration.



From the information gathered during the meeting, we author a methodical record of project requirements called the Project Master Requirements Document (PMR).  This document becomes the living breathing roadmap, the foundation by which decisions are weighed and decided for the life of the project and future phases. The PMR addresses business, creative initiatives, function, technique, and production. It is the “check and balance” system used to assure that project developments remain consistent with project requirements.

After the requirements are complete, the project specifications are defined. We take the “what” dictated by the requirements and define the “how” into an implementation strategy, a blueprint for creative and functional specifications, feature release rollout, project milestones, and a content brief outline.