methodology Design. craft, formulate, prepare

The Design phase begins with the exploration of styles, moods and messages reflective of your core identity.  We imagine the brand from the customer’s perspective  by immersing ourselves in the experience, exploring potentials and boundaries, benefits and values.  And we craft designs that state Who You Are with distinction and dimension.


Creative/Experience Brief
The Creative Brief specifies the overall objectives, project parameters and emotional appeal through which the jungle [8] team defines the creative concept. The Creative Brief provides a guideline for focus, direction and project execution.

An Experience Brief is created for more complex projects.  In addition to the themes explored in the Creative Brief, The Experience Brief documents jungle [8]‘s explorations and brainstorm sessions.  As a result, mood boards are created, copy is written, campaign concepts are defined.

Depending on project scope, the outcome and complexity of this phase varies. Creative deliverables range from pencil sketches to complex diagrams to complete schematics. Regardless of project scope, jungle [8] presents a precise visual expression as outlined in the Creative Brief.