for good.

What is a city without after-school programs or homeless shelters, without art or music festivals? 

Without the efforts made by our friends in the non-profit sector, our cities would indeed feel disconnected, incomplete. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that non-profit organizations all too often have to focus on fundraising due to resource limitations. We assume, at jungle [8], that these efforts take the attention away from providing vital services to the community. The members of the jungle [8] collective are deeply concerned about this trend and prefer to see the benefits non-profits provide strengthen and nurture our community. 

[All queries are hello world remain confidential.  We respond to all applicants]

As a result, jungle [8] has created a program to donate our services to one non-profit organization in Southern California that has a genuine need for our services. This is our yearly pro bono (literally “for good”) as our chance to give back to the community we participate in.

Our pro bono package covers any of our services ranging from advertising assistance, to brand development, from promotional materials to web sites.  If your organization would like to be considered for pro bono work, please contact us. Tell us who you are, what you’re doing, and where you want to go.  We’ll take it from there.