imagine the possiblities

Maybe your company
just developed a
breakthrough energy
efficient engine...

...Or maybe your investment firm just decided to offer socially responsible investment (SRI) funds to your existing client base.  Maybe you’re a self-taught raw foods chef who wants to go “national”. Or maybe you simply have the desire to practice conscious business principles.

Whatever your dream, our core services provide you with the vehicle needed to get your messages out and capture the attention of those who really matter through compelling and memorable designs. Imagine the possibilities!

jungle [8] is especially proud of our history mentoring young artists – through guidance, our interns graduate into the professional world with a trained eye and a highly-tuned attention to detail. In addition to mentoring interns in the office, the jungle [8] team members are encouraged to be involved with community service. (For our principal, working with at-risk youth has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her career.)  jungle [8] fosters an open forum for thoughts and ideas, encourages environmental and social awareness and provides a safe forum for political ideas, all of which are reflected in our basic philosophy as an agency.  jungle [8] conducts green business practices including limiting our paper purchases to recycled paper products, recycles inner-office supplies and uses eco-friendly cleaning products. For client projects, jungle [8]  has established strategic relationships with green printers who print with soy based inks and only use recycled paper. Additionally, each and every day, the jungle gang is encouraged to make  responsible, green and eco-friendly choices outside the office.

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