Conscious messaging
= tangible results.

jungle [8] specializes in extending your brand platform through design and messaging that contextualize Who You Are. We execute each design to work in tandem with your overall strategy and create a meaningful experience for your audience. Our conscious messaging practices are realized through creative campaigns, press kits, direct mail pieces and package design, among others.


Integrated Marketing
jungle [8] strategically integrates the essence of your brand platform throughout each marketing piece thus allowing all advertising, sales promotions, public relations and direct marketing to seamlessly work together.

Environmental Graphics
jungle [8] transforms campaign concepts into memorable murals, signs, billboards and designs.  These powerful tools lend support to an overall robust brand experience.

Direct Mail
Direct Mail can offer a powerful means to gage the effectiveness of a campaign or promotion. jungle [8] creates strategic direct mail campaigns that prompt your audience through a “call to action” like calling a 1-800 number, ordering a catalog or leaving feedback on a website. 

Package Design
Packaging requires a duel-design approach utilizing both art and strategy.  Since the average package has 8/10s of a second to grab your customer’s attention, jungle [8] knows good packaging design must be provocative, pragmatic and tell your story.

Press Kits and Marketing Materials
 jungle [8] creates marketing and press kits to tell your story, designed and packaged for a very specific audience. Press and marketing packages vary from client to client, but generally include company background, vision and mission, quotable statements, sell sheets, and / or event announcements or invitations.

Event Announcements / Invitations
Invites to private sales, special events, celebrations and shows are powerful incentives for business-customer relations and have great brand experience potential . So should your invitation. For such occasions, count on  jungle [8]’s compelling designs to pack your house.