Our strategy
brings your brand to life.

jungle [8]’s approach is based on the belief that “authentic brands” evolve from the core principles of your organization. Our process assists your business, giving voice to your vision, defining all that is, into your distinct “brand platform”. Our Brand Strategy defines the relationships between your organization and your customers.  We identify your unique traits to distinguish you from your competitors, craft  the brand experience and design targeted messages that resonate with your customer base. 

Your personal consultants at jungle [8] are here to help you create and retain this vital self-knowledge through the following strategic brand practices:


Brand and Marketing Analysis
jungle [8] has the insight to objectively audit your current brand status. We answer difficult questions like: Is your brand living up to its promise? And how does your audience perceive it? What current market position do you hold? Our team examines the strengths and opportunities for growth as well as potential weaknesses and threats to sustainability.

Brand Position & Category
Brand positioning and category exploration may identify new opportunities for growing your business. jungle [8] takes a close look at the current market trends and market verticals and closely examines your competitors in the same spaces. Observing your competition through a sharp analytical eye provides insight to defining your unique qualities of differentiation, thus creating value through market positioning.  New positioning strategies are based on this analysis.

Promise & Experience
All the experiences and interactions associated with the distinctive spirit of your organization, collectively create the brand experience. Your promise is the foundation of that experience, creating that relationship between your organization and your audience. At jungle [8], we take great care in defining your brand promise and assure the experience is executed with consistency.

Audience Profile
In order to communicate Who You Are with meaning, the jungle [8] team gets to know your audience. Exploring their needs, values, likes and dislikes helps us understand to whom we are communicating. Unlike the traditional profiling that deals exclusively with outward traits, such as age, sex, nationality, marital status, education and income levels, jungle [8] applies contextual insight to audiences that prefer conscious, green and sustainable practices. The more we know about your audience, the more relevant our messaging will be.

Graphic Standards / Brand Style Guide
jungle [8] takes great care in defining communication applications of your brand attributes and design elements for both internal and external audiences. Your Graphic Standards or Brand Style Guide documentation defines the rules for applying your brand identity design and other assets to assure overall consistency.

Brand Identity
Your Brand Identity is the visual translation of your brand platform. Complex identity systems like name, logo, and taglines are used repeatedly to provide instant recognition with your audience. jungle [8] approaches brand identity development utilizing a core understanding of your brand platform to guide our process. 

You deserve a great logo, reflective of your unique attributes, core values and personality. Commonly, brand marks contain a symbol or an "icon" relevant to your industry or name, defining characteristics of your organization or competitive advantages you may offer. jungle [8] approaches brand identity design with a full understanding of these objectives in order to assure our iconography and typography designs accurately represent Who You Are.

Taglines are often presented graphically with a logo, as part of the identity system. This phrase or words become associated with your brand, usually describing function, benefits or personality. Not only should your tagline tell your story, in order to be truly effective, it must be memorable.  jungle [8] writes your story. Your audience gets it.

Collateral Systems
Corporate collateral systems  (business cards, stationary, sell sheets, etc.) are your company’s recognizable and repeatable visual identity, organized through systems such as typography, color pallets and characteristic graphics. jungle [8] assures your brand mark and collateral systems work together to create a seamless presentation.