Brand strategy.
Conscious messaging.
Intelligent design.
We get it.

Your business, growth and sustainability depend on your brand reaching and inspiring your audience. How well are you succeeding? Check the bottom line. The key to success is making “Authentic Connections” with your audience through memorable designs and a relevant messages. jungle [8] is passionate about creating those authentic connections.

memorable designs + connective meanings =
measurable results


jungle 8

Conscious branding is firmly rooted in a desire to further good. It is a dedication to partnering with companies that engage in conscious business practices, or those that seek this standard. The custom of fear-based advertising, which states over and over again, “You’re not enough,” is no longer relevant.

jungle [8] a different kind of brand agency, developed with the needs and attitudes of socially conscious businesses in mind. An agency dedicated to conscious branding practices.

jungle [8] is defined by its guiding principals: brand strategy, conscious messaging, and intelligent design. More importantly, jungle [8] is defined by its results: social consciousness, environmental awareness, and the pursuit of a world that generates positive change. Sound like a dream? Not anymore.

jungle [8] adheres to green business practices, such as using recycled paper and soy-based inks. We are involved within our community. We support the arts. We mentor up and coming talent. We love our world and our work—and we’ve found a way to combine the two, so that they benefit each other positively.

Let us ignite your vision.