pureBODYWORK | download pdf case study


pbwOver two decades ago the proprietors of pureBODYWORK had discovered the art of massage while working together on a film production.  Frequently giving each other neck and back rubs during production sparked the idea that they should both take a class on bodywork and learn the techniques. 

For this couple, trading massages and sharing the learning experience was a joy that soon became their passion.  Over the next 10 years, they pursued extensive training and became fully certified, licensed therapists each exploring new modalities, expanding and building the foundation of their craft. 

The idea of offering massage to the entertainment and surf industries came naturally, as a result of their combined years of industry experience. pureBODYWORK’s professional, personable and intelligent owners knew, first-hand, the incredible stress loads associated with film and television production. They also knew from working long hours onset, massage and bodywork do provide profound benefits.


The massage industry is highly competitive and suffers from negative perceptions, especially in Southern California.  Convincing jaded entertainment industry folks to value the work of a highly trained professional body worker is definitely not the problem. The challenge is not in the need, rather in the sea of choices, identifying the qualified over the “not so qualified”. pureBODYWORK, a newcomer to the industry in name only was faced with this challenge and identified “credibility” as one of their core values. Moving forward with their dream, the founders of pureBODYWORK knew who they were, but needed assistance getting their name and message out. Launching their new business with no defined marketing plan or prior brand development, the doors were not opening and the opportunities just hadn’t materialized.



jungle [8] welcomed the opportunity to be submerged in the culture, (uh, massage). Understanding first-hand the value of massage, jungle [8] created a comprehensive brand platform for pureBODYWORK which served as a guide for marketing  and expansion efforts. As expressed through the brand platform, jungle [8] translated an expressive visual identity including two sub brand identities, one  for each of their targeted verticals.

Asked to inform the movers and shakers in Hollywood about the benefits of professional, on-call bodywork, jungle [8] responded with an intriguing visual campaign based on the good old Hollywood know-how: a great production depends on keeping the cast and crew healthy and happy.

In addition, jungle [8] created a professional web presence, a virtual calling card for pureBODYWORK as well as supporting collateral materials to distribute to potential clients.

Today, pureBODYWORK is involved with a number of film and entertainment projects in the Los Angeles area. The company is tremendously excited about the growth their business has experienced since the launch of their new brand and support materials.