tuan vutran

graphic designer + illustrator

tuanWhatever the project, Tuan Vutran’s graphic design style is always deliberate, from his to detailed-intricate line work drawings to his well thought out graphic layouts. To know Tuan, is to know his eclectic- fiery design style and appreciate the perfect veneer of an introvert’s first impression. Tuan (toeKNEE) Vutran, graphic artist and illustrator extraordinaire, recently earned his double major degree from California State Fullerton’s University. During his last semester of school, major requirements forced Tuan seek out an agency to perform an internship to gain real world experience. It was through that experience, the three-month internship and many high quality designs later, Tuan found his home here a jungle [8] as our newest staff designer.

Tuan Vutran also known as Tony, started signing his artwork with "toeKNEE" at a young age. As he puts it, “I feel the spelling embodies how I approach my work, a balance between a professional attitude, a child-like curiosity and maintaining an easy-going attitude whatever the challenge may be. To me, it’s a reminder not to take life too seriously.” We like that.

In addition to his work here in the jungle, Tuan is passionately committed to a “booklet” series he embarked upon in college. The project consists of 100 experimental handmade booklets, varying from style, content, execution, size and materials. This series, sold online has collectors spanning the United States as well as England, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.