tuan-ching lin

graphic designer + the unfunny jokester

tuan chingTuan-Ching Lin, self-labeled the “unfunny jokester,” has no idea how truly funny she is—an attribute that, if fully exploited, could make her a world famous stand-up comic if her art aspirations become secondary. 

Ironically, Tuan-Ching was born of two accountants on April 15th. She grew up in Taiwan and came to California at the end of 2004, experiencing her first “white Christmas,” referring sarcastically to the Golden state’s lack of snow, not California’s abundance of Caucasians.

Above all, her mission is to “master all forms of art,” but in the meantime her main focus is graphic design. In addition to these commendable goals, Tuan-Ching hopes to add to her arsenal of “American jokes,” volunteer in social service, work for environmental causes, and teach art.

She enjoys traveling and hopes to someday own a farm that “has many animals, a big herbal and veggie garden, and a library of my own personal art collections, and art classrooms.” Considering Tuan-Ching’s level of talent, diligence, and overall pleasant, calm demeanor, her dreams aren’t unreasonable, even in SoCal’s overpriced real estate market.