sonia nan kim

project manager + 'lil ray of sunshine

danWhen meeting Sonia Nan Kim, you’ll immediately get all warm and fuzzy inside because she’s just such a nice gal.

Her down home hospitality was cultivated in Colorado, where she was born, and then in the OC area, where she grew up. A USC graduate in May 2007, Sonia hopes to put her degree in business administration to great use, reaping the financial awards necessary to dedicate her life to feeding children in starving countries and funding their education if necessary.

Sonia loves children, widely considered “motherly”, and helped raise her two younger brothers. She’s very passionate about her interests puts her heart into everything she does, loving snowboarding, tennis, eating, traveling, and, of course, shopping. Appreciating spontaneity, Sonia likes to try new things and even sees herself skydiving once she “musters up the guts.” Food-wise, she's a big fan of Korean BBQ, but doesn't like eating with stingy people who avoid chipping in for tax and tip. She has a long "to-do before I get too old" list rather than a “phobia” list, assuring her an exciting future filled with new experiences.