sarah krausse

writer + part-time sauerkraut vendor

sarahSarah Krausse is one of the few true Southern California natives, growing up just minutes outside of Los Angeles in La Crescenta. She refined her passion for writing at Azusa Pacific University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a focus on creative writing. Writing for the University Newspaper cemented her goal to have a career in journalism and writing, covering the arts and music.

Working for jungle[8] is perfect fit for Sarah, as it gives her the opportunity to perfect her craft and remain near the art scene.

In her spare time Sarah likes to go snowboarding and attend musical events like the Sasquatch Music Festival. She loves her portly pet dog, Mocha, and her cactus Pedro the 4th.

She’s never done any hard time in the California prison system, but got her LA street-cred after surviving an amateurish armed robbery perpetrated by a young wannabe criminal —an event Sarah refers to as being “pretty thuggish.” Though the somewhat frightening event left her unscathed, she hopes to “one day have a gold tooth and scare off all future potential muggers.”