nora bouaziz



Born in France, sprinkled with North African spices, Nora Bouaziz loves revolutions, irreverence, audacity, personality, books, words and all of the brain's capacities. Nora finds her writing inspiration from her worldly experiences gathered from the senses including the visual majesty rendered in a painted brush stroke, sugary scents found from the perfumes of life and the intense flavors of the richest chocolates combined with a savory Mediterranean palate of spices. Ms. Bouaziz often finds her eclectic whims are torn between classicism and modernity, too serious to be associated as a woman-child but too silly to be considered as a full size adult. It is through these brilliant contradictions Nora laughs the delight of life, committed to articulating each project with a passionate fervor and driven to find that oh-so-perfect word. It is this drive (and the cute French accent) that keeps the jungle [8] team wondering what in the world this pint sized dynamo will say or write next!