“If the number one goal and purpose of branding is to differentiate, why do most businesses wind up looking alike?”

--lainie liberti



lainie liberti

creative director + principal

lainie libertiDazzling clients with her high-energy designs for over 18 years, lainie liberti lends her artistic talents to businesses that matter.

From non-profit work to commercial enterprises that truly care about service and operational quality, her organic approach helps lead clients to visual solutions that pack unexpected wallop. Generously giving her time and creative attention to public service and arts groups, as well as businesses who understand how design factors into their competitive edge, lainie’s work helps them carve out a solid marketplace presence that underpins all future marketing and sales endeavors.

From fine artist to designer to a position as creative director overseeing the work of 37 interactive designers at the youth-oriented Digital Entertainment Network, the iconoclastic artist formerly known as Lainie Siegel thrives on challenge and the opportunity to play a dynamic role in helping business personalities spring to life. Often called a brand intuitive, she guides clients through a development and brainstorming process engineered to highlight key strengths and discover their unique organizational personalities.

Lainie continues to seek, nurture and mentor young talent, and has frequently taught classes and tutored private students on everything from information architecture to commercial art to branding yourself and logo design. While her creative accomplishments run the gamut, all come second to her most awe-inspiring deliverable: her son, eight year-old Miro Sevin.

Highly approachable and brimming with enthusiasm, she brings a fresh eye and an eagerness to please to every client project.

In addition to serving area entrepreneurs, large client experience includes work on behalf of Carsey-Warner-Mandabach, CBS’s 93.1 JACK FM, Korbel Champagne, UCP (United Cerebral Palsy Foundation) and UCSF. Her identity work has been featured three of David Carter’s “Big Book” series.