dan geoghegan

graphic designer + mustache champion

danLittle Danny-Dreadlocks was born in the US-Mexican border town of El Paso, Texas, where his padres would take him and the other munchkins to play in the desert. He moved to Florida, but continued to develop a strong love for nature, its creatures and their unique habits, and this love has served as the inspiration for many of his creative endeavors. He earned a Bachelors in multimedia design from Florida Atlantic University, and recently joined jungle[8] as a web/ graphic designer, and is our resident animation and motion expert, specializing in anything that moves.

What a surprise, considering his hobbies are all motion-oriented, ranging from swimming, to international travel, Chinese fire drills, making cool cartoons, to drinking cheap beer. (ok, most). One of his future projects includes creating an experimental new cartoon, both linear and non-linear, about the dialectical world of humans, exploring their civilizations, mistakes and ambitions, designed to unfold as an inquiry rather than a statement. “Love is a mystery, and man is a just a friendly joke, so long as we’re friendly (which we aren’t)”, he says. Dan embodies the creative, multi-talented energy jungle[8] represents, adding a fresh perspective to every project.