aldis ozolins

digital maniac + la laker fan

danAldis Ozolins spent his early years in Latvia, then moved stateside as a young lad, and now resides in Sylmar, though he still speaks his native tongue in the company of family or fellow countrymen. A graphic designer, Aldis works hard at his passion, and brings it full force within the confines of jungle[8]. Stefan Sagmeister is his favorite graphic designer, and Aldis hopes to someday use his talents in art and design to affect positive change in my community and the world at large. Such noble aspirations are lost when leadfooted Aldis gets behind the wheel of his Civic, where hes accumulated 5 traffic tickets since he got his license (hes a youngster)three for speeding, one for driving without his lights on, and one ticket for making an illegal right turn during rush hour.

In his free time during the winter, Aldis blazes the local slopes on his snowboard every chance he gets and digs traveling, watching Laker games, NFL football. He loves Radiohead, as well as most rock, indie, hair metal, classic, alternative and progressive.