2007news + pr summary

May 25, 2007
jungle [8] principal, Lainie Liberti interviewed on Women’s Radio

Lainie Liberti spoke with Pat Lynch, the Editor in Chief at Women’s Radio, an online radio station content geared for women. It’s quite an amazing resource covering topics that concern women (or anyone for that matter) including arts & entertainment, business matters, lifestyles, women’s news, relationships and view points. Lainie speaks about a recent branding project for San Fransisco’s Arts Fest, her background, company history, philosophy on working with conscious clients, branding in general and her personal name change: Lainie Liberti speaks with Women’s Radio Editor in Chief, Pat Lynch.

March 10, 2007
jungle [8] principal, Lainie Liberti Speaks about Branding the Artist on The Mat Gleason Seven radio program

The Mat Gleason Seven radio program featured an interview with jungle [8] principal Lainie Liberti (listen at artscenevisualradio.com). Liberti discussed the significance of branding for both new and established artists, focusing on the importance of differentiation in a crowded marketplace. As always, Lainie is more than happy to offer advice, experience and her professional expertise on the subject of branding.  click here to listen to the interview



2007project highlights


Transformative Capital (July 2007)
Transformative Capital
, a strategic advisory and hybrid equities firm based in Los Angeles, required a new brand identity that communicated their value proposition, “…providing conscious capital services that support a sustainable world.”  

As Transformative provides value, synergy and growth to early stage private companies their new brand had to communicate the pro-active leadership qualities that drive the company and carve out a position in the global capital marketplace. The brand experts at jungle [8] helped to position Transformative Capital within the $500 billion market as a key economic player on the world financial stage.

Since Transformative focuses its energies to serve clients in the W.E.S.T. industries (Wellness, Energy- Environment-Education, Sustainable, Transformative), the new brand identity had the added challenge of communicating value, expertise and credibility to a wider audience while connecting with a specific targeted segment. The new brand identity effectively achieves this goal, thus jungle [8] and Transformative Capital, together have made the commitment to finance a better world.

Rene Frank Granaada (August 2007)
rfgThe jungle is pleased to work on behalf of noted travel and fine art photographer, Rene Frank Granaada.  j8 developed a unique web presence for the eclectic artist to capture his range of photographic styles and showcase his diverse portfolio.  j8 even incorporated an online shopping cart feature to make his prints available to fans and to entice first time visitors.




2007project highlights (continuted)


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (January 2007)
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, in an effort to reach a new audience within the local community, launches their “First Fridays” series of events.   Featuring live music, food, drinks and an exciting series of evening lectures, the museum is working to renew interest through the updated format.   NHM called in the j8 team to excavate a new creative dynamic that better represents the museum through a refreshed marketing promoition print campaignj8 arrived at new creative and branding solutions to promote the NHM’s “Friday Night” series and introduce Angelinos to the hidden treasures in their own backyard.

spectra ball

Spectra Ball - ArtsFest (May 2007 )
jungle [8] created an eye catching theme for the 2007 Spectra Ball in San Francisco. Desigs included graphics for advertisments, posters, postcards, event staff shirts, environmental graphics and even a French Toilet ad.

Idyllwild Arts
(Painting’s Edge 2001-2006)
The crème de la crème of the art world come together at Painting’s Edge.  Staying close to the guiding principals of the jungle, which encourages ongoing creative growth and innovative design, j8 is elated to develop branding solutions for those in the art field on behalf of Painting’s Edge.   Always spurring innovation and creative development, j8 continues to work on projects that increase awareness of the arts and artists.

Brewery Art Walk
jungle [8] continues its involvement in the biannual Brewery Art Walkj8 has worked to create a powerful web presence, brochures and collateral promotional materials representative of Art Walk’s effort to bridge the local community and its artists.  Located in the diverse, exciting and inspiring Brewery Complex itself, the jungle is proud to represent the artists who are friends and neighbors, we better keep up the good work, or else we’ll get a knock on the door.