2006news + pr summary

May 14, 2006
jungle [8] Principal, Lainie Liberti: Area of Design in the Spotlight

Area of Design, an organization that showcases established and emerging artists to nurture creative talent, featured an interview jungle [8] principal Lainie Liberti. Lainie discussed everything from her roots in the greater Los Angeles area, to the artistic inspiration, Joan  Miro, who continues to inspire her and is the namesake of her greatest achievement-son Miro Sevin. While Area of Design covered  the gamut, page after page can only scratch the surface of dynamic  j8 founder Lainie Liberti.  From art school, to dot-com wave, to  her current duties at j8, Lainie continues to grow and innovate  in socially positive ways. -click here to read the interview-

November 01, 2006
jungle [8] Principal, Lainie Siegel Rebrands herself

Reincarnated from her given name of Siegel, into the more appropriate moniker of Liberti, j8 principal Lainie continues to fuel constant creative development for herself and her fellow jungle dwellers. Committed to a philosophy of social awareness; jungle [8] achieves professional and spiritual satisfaction through a passionate commitment to making positive social contributions.  While the name may have changed, embracing clients and establishing memorable relationships with audiences, remains a way of life at j8.

March 15, 2006
jungle [8] Principal, Lainie Liberti Speaks About Branding at the Artworld Boot Camp

j8 principal Lainie, always conscious of the importance of helping emerging artists, participated in a three-hour seminar as a guest speaker to assist up and comers in the process of branding themselves as artists.  The Artworld Bootcamp ran in conjunction with Coagula Magazine and succeeded in its intent to help guide, inspire and motivate emerging artists in the Los Angeles area, thanks to Lainie of course! -click here to read the interview published in Coagula Art Journal-

November 18, 2006
jungle [8] Principal, Lainie Liberti Recieves Award of Appreciation

jungle [8] founder Lainie Liberti is honored with an Award of Appreciation from Art Share Los Angeles, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing emerging visual and theatre artists within the Los Angeles inner-city community.  While this is not the first award for the dynamic j8 front-woman, Lainie  expressed her appreciation and commitment to the arts community of which she continues to be an active member, “… I am most proud of those [awards] from within my own community.”  Lainie continues to invest her time and creative energy into the community in which she lives and strives to nurture new talent and partner with conscious businesses; a mission that she translates through her work at jungle [8].

December 05, 2006
jungle [8] Showcased in The Big Book

The fruits of the creative jungle where once again showcased in David E. Carter’s The Big Book of Layouts for  web and print (2006 makes round two for those at j8).  j8 is always thrilled to  be mentioned, but more importantly recognized by its peers who compete, inspire and  fuel the creativity that keeps the leaves in the  jungle swaying. The “Big Book”, sets the standard for quality  and creativity in the world of design and j8 is always pleased to be  recognized, “It is truly an honor, especially when you know the  selections come from your own peers . . .it’s even better when it’s recognized by those who understand design work” states  j8 founder Lainie.




2006 project highlights


BDiSBDiS (Building Diversity in Science), an organization devoted to supporting minority involvement in the sciences and field of medicine, partnered with jungle [8] to develop a dynamic new web presence.  BDiS., focusing on minority high school and college undergraduate students in an effort to increase awareness of science and medical related careers, found a new means for outreach through its collaboration with j8.  The jungle is currently continuing its relationship with BDiS. Through continuing our present involvement with the SEM (Scientific Empowerment Movement), the latest conference to stem from the ongoing efforts of BDiS.  The jungle is pleased to work with an organization dedicated to education and looks forward to future project opportunities.

Donna and Shannon FreemanDonna and Shannon Freeman, the dynamic mother-daughter team of HGTV’s “Designed to Sell” fame and experts in the Southern California real estate market, called in the jungle [8] creative crew to design their home on the web.  The eye-catching web design required a virtual “barn raising” effort even the Amish would be proud of, but the jungle came through as always to deliver a dynamic site suited to the Freeman’s energetic personalities and mission.

BtechBTech, the Berkeley Technology Academy, a progressive alternative school dedicated to educating underrepresented youth, sought the expertise of jungle [8] to develop brand identity and a dynamic web presence.  BTech, committed to ensuring no student slips between the cracks, found an excited collaborator in j8.  The jungle continues its commitment to working with socially responsible and community focused organizations such as BTech.

innterworksInner Works, a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of women in the sciences, called upon the jungle to infuse creative life into their message. 
Inner Works
, committed to empowering women in the science and mathematical fields, formed the IFC (Infinite Possibilities Conference) for which j8 developed a fresh web presence.







2006project highlights (continuted)

Jack fmThe j8 team developed an innovative creative campaign for the launch of CBS’ 93.1 Jack FM, as well as web design tailored to the unique personality of the irreverent new radio station.


the Marshak ClinicThe Marshak Clinic, founded by Dr. Yakov Marshak and committed to a revolutionary approach to treating those suffering from the pain of substance abuse, teamed with jungle [8] for brand development that represented the Clinic’s mission.  j8 developed a new brand position, business cards and all necessary collateral materials for the Marshak Clinic.   Proud to claim a near seventy percent success rate amongst patients, Marshak’s new spin on rehabilitation is unique in its methods and devotion to helping those in need.


UCSF Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research CenterUCSF-Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Center, launched a new logo, website and content management system thanks to the jungle [8] team.  The UCSF Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Center is the world’s leading research institution of its kind and j8 was pleased to provide cutting-edge execution for such a cutting-edge organization.


UCSF IRMThe UCSF-IRM (Institute of Regenerative Medicine) relied on j8 to develop its brand identity and create a web presence to target donors and expand public awareness of the program.  j8 ensured a fluid content management system, as well a robust back-end system. The jungle is pleased to further its relationship with UCSF through this most recent collaboration on behalf of their innovative research programs.


Absolute Zen BodyworkFor Absolute Zen Bodywork, j8 created unique brand identity solutions, business cards and an exciting new web presence befitting the holistic healing and massage company.   Devoted to the multifaceted benefits of massage, Absolute Zen extends their services into the home, office and even on location for overworked production crews.

Sunset Malibu, a drug treatment and rehabilitation facility located on the beautiful California coast, sought the creative lens of jungle [8] to deliver a new perspective in creating their web presence.  The site represents Sunset Malibu and seeks to engage those that may be in need of the highly specialized treatment they provide.

Art Share Los Angeles, a non-profit organization devoted to developing emerging visual and theatre artists, as well as bringing arts workshops to the Los Angeles inner-city community, partnered with the jungle to explore their creative potential.

The Infinite Possibilities Conference (IFC), is designed to support and empower underrepresented minority women in the field mathematical sciences. IFC teamed with jungle [8] to create a web presence to promote the goals and mission of the organization, in keeping with their pursuit to celebrate and promote diversity in the mathematical field. 


eacEAC, Exclusive Automobile Club, is not your grandpa’s idea of AAA.  No roadside assistance, towing or free jumpstarts here, only the most exclusive automobiles on the planet.  The jungle developed a brand identity and dynamic website for this unique luxury car association.  EAC maintains an exclusive membership of exotic car enthusiasts to match their stable of the world’s most exclusive automobiles, sorry, EAC is a members only affair.

Teen 2 TeenTeen to Teen, a non-profit theatrical-based organization designed to meet the needs of aspiring youth performers, tasked jungle [8] to design branding and positioning solutions, as well as an integrated marketing strategy.  j8 delivered a fresh website (teentoteen.org) and promotional and marketing materials, geared to meet Teen to Teen’s unique mission. Teen to Teen is a theatrical alliance, which engages artistic young adults from various social, racial, educational and economic backgrounds, to use theatre as stepping stone for their own personal goals.  Teen to Teen prides itself on uniting different worlds to form strong relationships based on common interests in theatre.  The jungle is always excited to be involved with such dynamic organizations that foster creative development, positive peer influence and self-worth.

Finding Your NorthFinding Your North, an organization committed to the advancement of students pursuing careers in the science and medical fields, partnered with j8 to incarnate a fitting web presence.  j8 developed a website to support a book of the same name, which provides a collection of key insights for students, from authors who understand their struggles.  The jungle delivered exciting web architecture to support the book and represent the mission of its authors, who continue to support the progress  of underserved and minority youth. jungle [8] is ever enthusiastic in partnering with those that work to create positive social change within their communities and beyond.