2001news + pr summary

The Birth of the Jungle, Interactive Style

2001 marked the ‘big bang’ of the jungle universe.  Started as a collaboration of dot-com alums Lainie Siegel and Michael Walsh; the initial incarnation of Interactive Jungle came together as an effort to engage the growing demand for integrated marketing communications.  Weary of stifling corporate ‘methodologies’ that did little more than hamper the creative process, Siegel and Walsh committed to a change.

Interactive Jungle launched to provide cutting edge tech savvy devoted to active and meaningful client relationships. IJ banked on its ability to provide creative strategies stemming from practical experience in the new media marketplace with artistically fresh perspectives. This dynamic aspect of jungle philosophy continues today, resulting in creative, effective and successful brand communications. The jungle is home to ideas, talent and a distinct social awareness.



2001 project hightlights


The Insight Group, Intl.

Interactive Jungle engaged in many exciting projects in 2001, all of which demonstrated the range and abilities of its creative team.  Work for the Insight Group Intl., a leader in hospitality investigations, required complete website concept, design and programming duties.  In response to the unique market niche of the Insight Group, IJ delivered equally original web execution, which included custom flash and multimedia animation, as well as musical highlights to accent links.3rd Rock From the Sun

Work with Carsey Werner for their popular 3rd Rock From the Sun series, provided yet another opportunity for innovative Interactive Jungle web architecture.  Featuring actor bios, videos and an interactive game for loyal fans, IJ designed a user interface in keeping with the show’s unique energy.  The jungle also ensured a robust database to capture interactive user information and support the site’s unique fan oriented game.



2001project highlights (continuted)


Korbel Champagne
Interactive J
ungle created print and web campaigns to refresh Korbel Champagne’s web presence and market stance.



TCS Translations

TCS Translations, a start-up company, relied on IJ to create brand identity, outreach and marketing materials, as well as a new web presence which included custom designed flash.  Interactive Jungle also designed an original peace of environmental art featured in the TCS corporate headquarters building. 

Larry boy
Big Idea, the home of Veggie Tales, enlisted Interactive Jungle to develop a rich media banner ad campaign to introduce its latest IP Larry Boy to target audiences.  IJ developed strategic positioning at web portals to increase awareness of Big Idea’s latest creation.  

Interactive Jungle called upon its creative expertise to develop brand identity, naming and web presence for the start-up firm, HR Republic.

Smith’s Industries, a well-established international aerospace company, sought out Interactive Jungle’s skills to deliver a new look and feel to their corporate website, in keeping with the company’s international re-branding effort.